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You finally purchased your new home with a real estate professional that you found on Domii.  Here at Domii we are excited for you and can’t wait to see the before and after photos you post – be sure to tag @domii.  One of the best parts of finding, buying, and moving into your dream home is the fun of starting with something fresh and new.

Pro-Tip 1: If you have the budget hire a professional cleaning company to do a complete deep-clean before you move in – Consider it!

Hiring a professional cleaning company can be a great investment in your new home.  Letting a professional cleaning service shoulder some of the burden of cleaning your new home can expedite the move-in process and let you focus on the logistics of your move-in.  Many companies can complete a home in one day.  That can be important in deals with tight timelines.

Pro-Tip 2: If you don’t have the budget for a professional deep-clean don’t fret! 

With some elbow-grease and great tunes you can accomplish the same goal (a clean house!) and spend some time learning about your new dream home.  Follow these simple steps to a beautiful clean home!

Pro-Tip 3:  Start with the biggest gathering spot in any home – the kitchen. 

Focus on the kitchen as a whole and work top to bottom.  Take the time to wipe down the ceiling and clean up any yucky spots now.  Next go cabinet by cabinet.  Wipe down the interior and exterior paying attention to those handles and nooks in the back.  Then comes your countertops.  Lastly, the floors.  Work from one side to the other and when you finish stand back and admire your hard work!

Pro-Tip 4:  Be sure to buy the correct cleaning products for each surface type in your home.  Some products may cause damage to certain surfaces and that is no way to start off life in your new home! 

Many home improvement stores can offer recommendations as to what to buy and how to clean your new home.  Be sure to ask questions and don’t be afraid to follow-up.  Sometimes new products will hit the market and it doesn’t hurt to check in from time to time.

Pro-Tip 5:  Clean by room type not by location.  Meaning clean all the bathrooms at once, vacuum all the floors at once, or sweep all the floors at the same time, etc.

By using the same supplies, you will find shortcuts and become more efficient as you work through the process.  By organizing your room types, rather than working from one end of your home to another you will accomplish the job faster.

Pro-Tip 6:  Start with the largest bathroom and finish with the smallest.

Clean the bathrooms methodically from back to front.  Don’t forget to finish any glass surfaces with a glass cleaner to remove any leftover film that will instantly make your bathroom look dirty.  End with the floors, again making sure to use the recommended cleaning products for each surface type.  Starting with the largest bathroom and finishing with the smallest will make the job feel less overwhelming and easier to finish.

Pro-Tip 7: Follow that same principal with the bedrooms and work from the largest to the smallest.

Pro-Tip 8: Don’t forget about the windows!

Clean windows will make any home feel bright, light, and airy.  A clean home is a happy home.  Domii is thrilled to have been a part of your new home buying experience and we look forward to the photos.  Congratulations on finding your way home with Domii.