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The Ultimate Prospecting App…

for Homeowners, Real Estate and Business Professionals


It’s true, domii® does the prospecting for you!

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Ever wonder who lives in that abandoned- looking home? Or who might live in that amazing-looking mansion?

Stop wondering and find out with domii-intel in seconds. It’s that easy!

Type the address and in seconds you will find the owner’s name, number, email address, mortgage amount, and so much more…

Connect with pros

Here’s your chance to have domii® do all the research, gather all the data, and deliver the prospect directly to you.

Even better, domii® guarantees a minimum of five per day, twenty five per week, and 100 prospects per month, all exclusive to you. No sharing, no referral fees, just quality prospects.

Connect with pros

Staying safe is our number one priority for our business professionals.

domii® detect allows you to research an individual for nefarious behaviors, felonies, misdemeanors, even traffic tickets. Know who you are meeting, before you meet them. domii® detect will provide an in-depth lookup for your security.

domii® is a Lead/Prospecting Machine

What is domii® all about?



Every day of the week you have to get out of bed and straight into the world of unknown, trying to find someone to sell your service or product to. You spend thousands on the internet, you buy zip codes, you send postcards, you cold call, you drive around town aimlessly looking for that next deal, with no luck at all. Argh, who wants to do that? Nobody!



domii® will do it for you! domii® has been delivering real, vetted prospects to Realtors and business professionals for years. You will receive 5 guaranteed prospects daily or take advantage of our GPS technology. The closer you are
to the prospect’s address, the you most likely you will get the lead. When you hear that famous doorbell sound, it’s domii® sending you a prospect!


domii® is packed with 100+ tools & features at no cost:

  • Your personalized photo People lookups/felonies
  • Testimonials
  • Open house sign-in
  • Investigative prop-tech
  • Instant postcards
  • Lock in your customers
  • Instant values
  • Instant tax records
  • Instant lot lines
  • And much more…


It’s inexpensive, with no referral fees ever. It’s a simple monthly membership starting at $99/month. No long-term commitment, and you can cancel anytime. You will start receiving leads within 48 hours. Simply download domii® from the Apple store or Playstore and start getting the leads you deserve, delivered on a silver platter. Enjoy!

We hope you will ❤️ domii® as much as we do.

Sincerely, Blaise Coco, CEO

domii® Prospect Types for Consideration

Predictive Prospecting

  • Homeowners
    Homeowners that may have been living in their home for years and a lifestyle change is imminent. House may be too big at this point, maybe children moved out, maybe income level has dropped, maybe a death in the family.
  • Neighborhoods
    Hmm, maybe your neighbor is about to sell their home. Our algorithms let us know if that’s the case. The house might be too big at this time, income change, etc. They may need your service to either sell their home or repair their home in preparation to going to the market within the next six – twelve months


  • Distressed homeowners
    Folks most likely to go into foreclosure
  • Divorce
    Homeowners that have a change in their deed indicating a change in life
  • Probate
    A passing away of a person leaving real estate behind
  • Propensity to default
    More than likely to be delinquent on their mortgage payments

Need to Sell

  • High Debt
    Maximum limits on revolving debt potential
  • Preforeclosure
    Homeowner at risk of being auctioned
  • Short Sale
    Homeowner with little to no equity, potential to sell
  • Auction
    Scheduled home to go to auction. There’s still time to help them

New to the Market

  • New Listings
    Homeowners made the decision to sell. They may need a mover, a painter, maybe junk removed, new flooring, landscaping, a repaired roof, heating system tuned up, pre-home inspection, a mortgage for their next purchase, home insurance for their next purchase…
  • Just sold their home
    They may need a mover, a painter, a junk remover, new flooring, landscaper, repaired roof, heating system, a mortgage for their next purchase, home insurance for their next purchase, etc. 

  • And more…

The complete profile of your next client

  • We’ll show you what the property and neighborhood looks like under our
    “Property View” feature.
  • We’ll show you in full color the actual lot layout under our “lot line” feature.
  • We’ll give you a 20 second video pitch for the specific lead-type you received, and the written dialogue for rehearsal.
  • We’ll even give you directions to the property so you can get familiar with the neighborhood in real time.
  • How would you like an instant valuation so you will know financially what’s going on?

Compliments of domii® for all your members!

domii® Detect

Open House Sign-in

domii® Intel


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There’s a Plan For Everyone!

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“Member Comments”


5 Star Reviews

Just got two listings from domii’s Predictives. Woohoo!!  Thank you domii!!



5 Star Reviews

I cannot believe the amount of prospects that domii sends me each day! Minimum 5, but I usually get 8-10… thank you…thank you.

Jeff M

Manchester, NH

5 Star Reviews

Domii-Intel has made my job so much easier. No more looking for names, phone numbers, and emails.  Just click a button and it’s there!  Thank you for adding this feature!


Derry, NH

5 Star Reviews

Finding a pro for just $99/month is crazy cheap! And they don’t even charge referral fees. Economical.



5 Star Reviews

Amazing app developers. Very easy and made finding a home a quick process! Very good.


Apple App Store Review

5 Star Reviews

2.1 Million dollar lead.  They are shopping agents, but I would not have had the opportunity if it wasn’t for domii.  Much appreciated!


Boston, MA

5 Star Reviews

Great Service! I recently was in need of some new gutters so I signed up on the app and was connected to the closest contractor in my area within 5 minutes! The next day he came over to my house to look at my gutters and gave me a free estimate! This guy has a great company with awesome reviews so I knew I was getting quality work and service. I will definitely be using the app again for other professionals! Thanks Domii!!!

Al Gagnon

Apple App Store Review

5 Star Reviews

The ability to “lock-in” your clients is probably the best tool on the app. Imagine monopolizing your territory.  Now you can! Lock your clients in with their own personal app, Genius!


5 Star Reviews

Doorbell sounds are like having a special holiday, like every 20 mins.  You’ve got a vetted prospect everytime the doorbell sounds.  Wow! Easy to use. love domii.  



A Message From The CEO

domii® Video Library – Enjoy!

All Prospects Suggested Pitch

Absentee Owner Prospect-
Suggested Dialogue

Short Sale Prospect Suggested Dialogue

domii® Intel- Suggested Dialog

“Don’t sell your service, sell yourself. They need to like you, before they can trust you.” 

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