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Imagine receiving 100 seller prospects per month, guaranteed!

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Ever wonder who lives in that abandoned- looking home? Or who might live in that amazing-looking mansion?

Stop wondering and find out with domii-intel in seconds. It’s that easy!

Type the address and in seconds you will find the owner’s name, number, email address, mortgage amount, and so much more…

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Here’s your chance to have domii® do all the research, gather all the data, and deliver the prospect directly to you.

Even better, domii® guarantees a minimum of five per day, twenty five per week, and 100 prospects per month, all exclusive to you. No sharing, no referral fees, just quality prospects.

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Staying safe is our number one priority for our business professionals.

domii® detect allows you to research an individual for nefarious behaviors, felonies, misdemeanors, even traffic tickets. Know who you are meeting, before you meet them. domii® detect will provide an in-depth lookup for your security.

The Ultimate Prospect

domii®,  is truly the Ultimate Prospector, guaranteeing 100+ Exclusive Seller Lead-prospects to Real Estate Agents and Business Professionals monthly.   We’re keeping our clients busy by delivering over 18 different vetted prospect types directly to their personal Mobile App.  Viral in nature, our domii® deep link will grow your business 10X, while our robust toolbox will simplify your due-diligence.   Our mobile app is more than a platform; it’s a revolution leading you to a future that is brighter than ever.

Incredible Built-In Tools

Testimonials Build Your Business

Bragging isa not bragging WHEN YOU DO A GREAT JOB. Get the word out with domii by your side. Simply tap the Testimonial feature, select a client from your phone directory and off you go! It’s that easy! Share it everywhere.

QR Codes

Share your personalized QR Code with friends, family and customers. When you do, you are asking them to download your incredible domii app that helps them see homes from the MLS, instant values, lot lines, tax records, etc. Lock them in with your secret domii-link lock-in code.

Please Sign into My Open House

Sellers want to know who was in their home. Make potential clients sign in, otherwise they cannot view the home. When they do, they instantly get a share of your app, and they are sent 7 different drips (emails) from you. Awesome!

There’s an option for everyone!

3 Must-Haves In Your Mobile App

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“Member Comments”


5 Star Reviews

Just got two listings from domii’s Predictives. Woohoo!!  Thank you domii!!



5 Star Reviews

Finding a pro for just $99/month is crazy cheap! And they don’t even charge referral fees. Economical.



5 Star Reviews

Great Service! I recently was in need of some new gutters so I signed up on the app and was connected to the closest contractor in my area within 5 minutes! The next day he came over to my house to look at my gutters and gave me a free estimate! This guy has a great company with awesome reviews so I knew I was getting quality work and service. I will definitely be using the app again for other professionals! Thanks Domii!!!

Al Gagnon

Apple App Store Review

5 Star Reviews

I cannot believe the amount of prospects that domii sends me each day! Minimum 5, but I usually get 8-10… thank you…thank you.

Jeff M

Manchester, NH

5 Star Reviews

Amazing app developers. Very easy and made finding a home a quick process! Very good.


Apple App Store Review

5 Star Reviews

The ability to “lock-in” your clients is probably the best tool on the app. Imagine monopolizing your territory.  Now you can! Lock your clients in with their own personal app, Genius!


5 Star Reviews

Domii-Intel has made my job so much easier. No more looking for names, phone numbers, and emails.  Just click a button and it’s there!  Thank you for adding this feature!


Derry, NH

5 Star Reviews

2.1 Million dollar lead.  They are shopping agents, but I would not have had the opportunity if it wasn’t for domii.  Much appreciated!


Boston, MA

5 Star Reviews

Doorbell sounds are like having a special holiday, like every 20 mins.  You’ve got a vetted prospect everytime the doorbell sounds.  Wow! Easy to use. love domii.  



“Domii-nate Your Market”

"Domii-nate Your Market" October 23rd, 2023 Our 'Domii-nate Your Market" training on October 23rd was a big success! Real Estate Agents learn how to turn SUSPECTS into PROSPECTS into REAL LIVE LEADS! Stand out from the competition with Domii's Expert Sales Training...

domii® Power Hour! Every Monday Night!

Sales Training Every Monday evening from 6pm-7pm. Don't Miss it! Open to all current members and soon to be members. Zoom Content: Live We will be discussing latest features 20 minutes and selling techniques for 30 mins. This is a FREE reoccurring sales training for...

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