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Multiple Listing Service (The MLS)

"The heartbeat of the real estate industry"



domii® takes pride in supporting the efforts of the MLSs’ nationwide.


In fact, domii® is pitching in by taking safety and data collection to the next level, allowing MLSs, Broker Owners, and Realtors the opportunity to take advantage of our domii® Intel and domii® Detect platforms, allowing agents to stay safe and well-informed.

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  • Check for felonies, watch lists, sex offenders. Staying safe is our number one priority for member-agents. domii® Detect does all the research and warns you BEFORE you go to the appointment.
  • domii® Intel researches the owner’s name, phone, email address, personal income, home value, mortgage, purchase price, income, even their occupation.
domii Detect
domii Intel


“Imagine driving by an abandoned home and being able to contact the owner instantly through domii is crazy cool for my business, thanks domii for making this available.”

Jeff, Manchester, NH

“Knowing that I can type in someone’s name and number, and know instantly if they have a felony record, or a nefarious background for free is most generous. Thank you domii for caring”

Lara, Hanover, NH

domii® is always reaching out to organizations, MLSs, and large brokerage firms to affiliate with, to add value to their member benefits program and to keep their agents safe and out of harms way.

domii®’s Value Add is Your Value Add

at no cost to anyone!

  • WHITE LABEL domii®’s platform – Your MLS name, Your MLS features, Your value add
  • FELONY lookups – Keep your members SAFE with domii® Detect
  • RESEARCH 24/7 all the details of every home nationwide with domii® Intel
  • PROSPECTING TOOLS – Open House Sign In, Testimonial Platform, QR Code Maker

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