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Discover your homes wow factor and you can sell for more!  Many home buyers are looking for and respond best to kitchens that have thought and design incorporated into a livable space that wows.  Finding out how to maximize your kitchens wow factor can be the difference from a low-ball offer to one that’s above-ask.  With Domii buyers are looking for instant access and the convenience of real-time appointment requests with qualified agents – don’t miss out on the perfect buyer from Domii!

Many kitchens can benefit from some updating before you decide to list and make sure to focus on a few key areas so you maximize your dollars.  If your appliances are in good shape don’t spend any money there.  Use your elbow grease and scrub them till they sparkle and shine!  A clean kitchen is a sellable kitchen.

Next, take a critical look at your countertops.  Are they on trend?  In today’s market buyers are looking for durability and practicality.  Buyers will have preferences but kitchens that are pulled together and finished well are kitchens that sell.  Think quartz, granite, or marble.  A well-done Corian countertop can offer a great look that buyers will respond too.

Sometimes it is easier to refinish your cabinets and swap out your counters for an instant refresh that highlights your homes wow factor.  Find a qualified contractor and have them give you an estimate for a kitchen facelift and you might discover that the kitchen buyers are dreaming of is the kitchen your home can have.

Simple color combinations are always a winner.  A classic black and white kitchen is always well-received by todays buyers.  Keep it simple by painting your island cabinets, or a section of your cabinets, in a fresh black paint while keeping your other cabinets white.  A classic white subway tile and a white quartz countertop will finish the space with drama that buyers love.  You can also swap out your fixtures for a final touch that has high impact and low cost.

The other spot you can add color and instantly revive a space is with great area rugs.  Great area rugs immediately help warm up your space and can pull together the entire room and make sure buyers immediately say wow.  Sellers who might shy away from color can add drama with patterned rugs in shades of black, white, and gray.

Lastly, make sure that your kitchen is as bright as possible.  Replace any lightbulbs that might be out and if you have some money to spend update your lighting fixtures.  A bright kitchen is a sellable kitchen.  Remember, today’s buyers are savvy and have high expectations.  One of those expectations is a home with a wow factor…take the opportunity to make the heart of your home, your kitchen – your home’s wow factor!  Find a real-estate professional with Domii today!