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Instant Access

Welcome to Instant Access!

We understand the frustration and urgency caused by the current market and introduce to you a platform that can improve efficiency without breaking the bank. Instant Access allows you to easily create a free showing schedule that can be accessed through your listing on NEREN, and with a few quick clicks, buyer agents can request showings for your property. For additional convenience, Instant Access schedules can be retrieved through the domii Mobile App, where agents can schedule appointments in under one minute. This platform is constantly being improved for the most satisfying user experience possible.

When using Instant Access as a Listing Agent, you have the ability to:


  • Create blackout dates
  • Specify dates and times your property is available
  • Add showing instructions
  • Cancel or accept appointments
  • Receive feedback cards from buyer agents
  • Edit previous schedules

When using Instant Access as a Buyer Agent, you have the ability to:


  • Schedule appointments in under a minute
  • Cancel or reschedule past appointments
  • Send feedback cards to seller 

Instant Access FAQs

What is Instant Access?

Instant Access is a free showing platform for MLS members to use. The platform allows realtors to create, edit, and schedule showings for their clients. The interface between Instant Access and domii allows realtors to connect directly with clients. By making a schedule with Instant Access, realtors from Paragon and clients from domii can access your listings.

How do I use Instant Access as a Listing Agent?

In order to use Instant Access for your listing in MLS…

  1.  Add your listings in paragon and use the drop-down box to add the domii icon from the showing service box.
  2.  Once the listing is saved, search for the listing in Paragon to set up the listing.
  3.  On your listing, click the lightning icon or the domii icon.
  4.  You’ll then be navigated to Instant Access where your information will be auto populated.
  5.  You will then see the property recap, seller’s info, confirming showings, blackout dates, and additional showing instructions. Your seller will also be notified about showings(by seller’s preference)!
  6.  Submit any edits, and your property will then be set up for Instant Access Showings!
  7.  Please allow for a 30-45 minute wait time for the property to register within the system, then you’ll see your listing using Instant Access. If you don’t see it before the suggested time, you may see a message that says, “This property is not set up for Instant Access showing yet”.
  8.  Once a buyer agent schedules a showing, you will receive confirmation emails and texts. The confirmation messages can be sent to either the listing agent or the seller. You can cancel any appointments if need be, by clicking the “cancel” links in your confirmation messages.

Can Listing Agents edit their Instant Access showing schedule?

Yep! You can go back into the platform and edit your available appointments at any time. You can edit after initial set-up by follow these steps:

  1.  Find your listing on NEREN
  2.  Click the domii lightning icon under your listing
  3.  You will be redirected to a page that says “edit”.
  4.  Click this, and you can edit any dates/times/info that needs to be changed

*Note: You must be acting as the Listing Agent in order to edit the schedule.

What showing features do Listing Agents have access to?

Listing Agents are able to create a showing schedule that is convenient for their seller.

Here are some key features they have access to when setting up Instant Access:

  1.  Create a showing start date and end date.
  2.  Create specific dates and times for the showing to be made available for
  3.  Create showings from 8AM – 9PM, 7 days a week
  4.  Create an additional form of contact of the seller to be notified about property
  5.  Give the Seller three options for Showings:
    •  Accept/Decline showings via text/email
    •  Allow instant showings
    •  Receive calls by customer care to confirm ALL showings

How do I use Instant Access as a Buyer Agent?

As a Buyer Agent, you can only use this service if the listing agent has selected Instant Access as their showing platform. Once the listing has been created and set up using Instant Access, you can create appointments for your clients. Click on the lightning rod(or domii logo) under the desired property to create a showing appointment.

Is there a fee for using Instant Access?

Instant Access is a FREE showing platform for Real Estate Agents to use.

Will my seller’s information be made public?

Absolutely not! The seller’s information is always confidential and is only shared between themself and their listing agent.

What if my seller doesn’t want to be contacted about showing appointments?

If the seller does not want to be contacted about showing appointments, the agent can opt to put their contact information rather than the seller.

Thank you for your interest in Instant Access. If you have any questions or suggestions of future features, please email

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